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WELCOME from Miss Carole

Item Price: $17.50
Item Number: CP1116CD

By Carole Peterson
Miss Carole is affectionally known as the Pied Piper of Kids’ Music in Chicago! She has many award winning CDs, such as Sticky Bubble Gum, Stinky Cake, HUM All Year Long, Season Sings, Dancing Feet, Tiny Tunes, Baloney and Polka Dots. The songs from “WELCOME come from many sources. Enjoy the fun of getting up and hopping, singing, tapping, rowing and more. ACTIVE MUSIC is good for your brain and your body!

Song List
1. Welcome (Bienvenidos)
2. There’s a Dot on My Finger
3. Jingle! Jingle! Jingle!
4. Pass the Pumpkin
5. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Round and Fat
6. Oh Pumpkin Man
7. One Little Bunny Hopping On the Floor!
8. Many, Many Cows
9. Up and Down
10. JAWS
11. Around and Around and STOP
12. Grandparents
13. We’re Going For a Walk
14. Surprise!
15. Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!
16. Maxi Drove a Taxi
17. The Car Car Song
18. Bumpin’ Up’n Down
19. Green Means Go!
20. Let Us Chase the Squirrel
21. Gray Squirrel
22. Row Row Row Your Boat
23. We’re Tapping With Our Sticks
24. Watermelon!
25. Mi Cuerpo
26. Razzema Tazzema
27. Little Tree, Little Tree
28. When I Was a Little Fish
29. Catnap
30. Marcaroni Soup Singers