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Toddlers on Parade
Toddlers On Parade
Item Price: $15.95

Watch the very young learn to enjoy movement. Adaptable for infants also. Fingerplays, nursery rhymes, motor activities and more. Guide with lyrics and activities.
Ages 1 to 3.

Its Toddler Time
It's Toddler Time
Item Price: $15.95

Activities and exercises created specifically for toddler fitness and development. Guide with lyrics and activities. Ages 1 to 3.

Songs About Me
Songs About Me
Item Price: $15.95

This movement recording for early childhood and special learners reinforces important basic skills, including: body identification, directionality, language development, listening skills, counting and more.

Toddler Gym
Item Price: $15.95

Movement Songs for 1-3 yr. olds. Structured exercises invite children to move and be active. They will learn to listen & follow directions while they play, dance & move to a variety of fun music.

Little Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty, and Aiken Drum are just a few of the enchanting characters who live in the wonderful world of nursery rhymes where little people always seem to find themselves at home.

Put Your Finger in the Air
Put Your Finger in the Air CD
Item Price: $15.95

Teach children self-confidence, self-expression and to participate in group movement activities. The songs will help children to improve their motor control, speech and language development, coordination, and more.

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