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This uniquely structured, tested program of sequenced floor exercises provides a safe, easy approach to body conditioning and corrective exercise. It uses adaptive motor learning techniques which can be beneficial to children of all abilities. KIM1139DL

Baby Connections
Item Price: $16.95

Sing, play, discover, and Learn! Interact with 6 - 12 month olds, and watch them get stronger, gain confidence, and develop their bodies through easy, brain-based movements set to rhymes, rhythms, & chants.

Gather round for an old fashioned campfire sing along! Everyone will have fun singing these classic American Folk Songs. Share these favorites with the next generation and continue a tradition of singing together. KIM1120DL

This album download offers numerous possibilities for creative movement. What can your toddler do? Encourage children to find their own ways of learning, of moving, - of creating, through music! KIM8060DL

Travel Times Tunes CD Download
Item Price: $15.00

This collection of classic singable songs is full of wiggles, giggles and fun! There are camp songs, scout songs, school songs, family fun songs. Ideal for parties, story hours, and car, train and plane rides.

Toddler songs are fun, short, & simple. Each song reinforces an important early development skill from one of four important areas of early brain development wiring areas: physical, social-emotional, cognitive & language learning.

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