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Item Price: $17.00
Item Number: JG100CD

The Sneezing Song (food allergies), Hands Are For Clapping, Old Sock Stew, I Took A Bath In A Washing Machine, Poison Ivy, The Hi Dee Ho Man, Silly Dance Contest, Spaghetti Legs, The Banana Song, Leaky Umbrella and more.

Ages 2 - 8

Song List

  1.  The Sneezing Song
  2.  Hands Are For Clapping
  3.  Old Sock Stew
  4.  I Took A Bath in a Washing Machine
  5.  Alabama, Mississippi
  6.  Poison Ivy
  7.  The Hi Dee Ho Man
  8.  Silly Dance Contest
  9.  I'm So Mad…
10. Step Back Sally
11. Simone's Song (The Parrot Song)
12. Spaghetti Legs
13. The Banana Song
14. Leaky Umbrella
15. May There Always Be Sunshine