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Item Price: $16.00
Item Number: RBP117CD

By Mark Santoro

Mark is currently on the faculty of the American Music & Dramatic Academy in NYC & also teaches professional Tap & Jazz classes at the New Dance Group.Ãà He has been in many Broadway shows and is a popular instructor on the convention circuit.Ãà Tap class just got better! Entertaining styles include Musical Theatre, Soft Shoe, Military, Funk, Latin & More!

Song Titles:
1.Ãà Toppers ‘N Tails
Drawbacks/Double Cincinnati/ Various Riff
Rhythms/Spank Ball Change
2. Old Manhattan
3. Old Manhattan (Vocal)
Single-Double-Triple Buffalos/
Bombershay/Shuffle Rhythms
4.Ãà Soft Shoe Serenade
Essence Dancing/Lancershire/Brush
Hop Step/Virginia Essence
5.Ãà The Look of You
Waltz Clog Rhythms
6.Ãà Over There
7.Ãà Yankee Doodle Dandy
8.Ãà You’re A Grand Old Flag
Military Time Steps/Pullbacks/
Cramp Roll Rhythms/Pickups
9.Ãà Bling Bling
10. Pitch Shift
Paddle & Roll Combos/Paradiddle/Pickup
11. Curtain Up
12. Glamorama -
Production Tap Routine/Rockette Style
Bonus Tracks: Technique or Routine
13. Mucho Mambo
14. Rhumba Tropicale
15. Proud Prado
16. Struttin’ On Jackson Square
17. Texas Swing Shift
18. Spoons Rag