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Item Price: $16.00
Item Number: RBP110CD

By Mark Santoro

Mark is currently on the faculty of the American Music & Dramatic Academy in NYC & also teaches professional Tap & Jazz classes at the New Dance Group. He has been in many Broadway shows and is a popular instructor on the convention circuit. On Tap & Groove he has compiled terrific, hip tunes for Tap dancing! Great for use in class, choreography and routines. Fully orchestrated songs of original music and a wide array of musical styles including Big Band, Jazz, Techno, Pop Rock and 60’s Sounds.

Song Titles:
1. South Paw Romp
Ball-Nerve Taps/Brushes/Shuffles/Flap Ball Changes/
Shuffle Ball Changes/Front & Back Irish/Time Steps
2. Dancing Shoes
Ball-Heel Drops/Riffs/Lancershire/ Various Soft Shoe Exercises
3. Mambo by George
Alternating Heel Drops/Scuffle/Various Fake Cramp
Roll Rhythms
4. Other Brother
Close to the Floor Rhythms
5. Wall to Walter
Syncopated Combinations
6. Count the Basses
Syncopated Combinations
7. Demon Drums
Various Shuffle Rhythms/ Paradiddle
8. Honk House
Riffs-Riffle/Single-Double-Triple Cramp Rolls
9. Drivetrance
Single-Double Pullbacks/Pickup Changes/Grab Offs
10. Get Closer
Single-Double Wings/Swap Wings
Bonus Tracks Technique or Routine
11. Don’t Stop
12. Pow!
13. Drum & Banjo Stomp
14. Platform Shoes
15. Great Scott
16. Soft Shoe Sam
17. Le Holiday