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Item Price: $5.00
Item Number: TL10072CD

The Parachute ExpressOne of the Most Talented Acts in Children’s Music.  Donny, Stephen and Janice bring joy to tens of thousands of children each year.  Their musical style shines in the crowded field of family entertainment.à Uniquely original songs to stimulate the imagination of all ages.à


Song Titles:

  1. Riggedy Jig
  2. Around the Block
  3. Can You Show Us?
  4. Fantasy Automobile
  5. Butterfly
  6. You and Me Parade
  7. Birthday Cake
  8. Sunny Side Up
  9. I Can Do That
  10. Doo-Wacka-Doo
  11. Sing-Along Song
  12. Goo-Goo-Giggly-I-Oh
  13. The Shapes Game
  14. Bye-Bye Pizza Pie