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 Special Needs - Kimbo

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Seatworks CD
Item Price: $15.95

You can dance in your seats to music for all ages. Seated exercises concentrate on simple body movements, including shoulder shrugs, toe walks, karate movements, arm stretches and strokes.

Simple Folk Dances
Item Price: $15.95

Traditional folk dances that are slow, repetitive & contain the basic coordination skills children need to develop. The techniques are motivating & easily adaptable for use by classroom & PE teachers & special education specialists.

Motor Skill Activity Fun
Item Price: $15.95

Simple rhythm games include clapping, hand shakes, easy dance steps and finger exercises. Sneaky Snake, Ukulele Man, One, Love Will Keep Us Together and more.

Toes Up, Toes Down
Toes Up, Toes Down
Item Price: $15.95

Enjoyable activities for children 3 - 7 years of age develop body identification, spatial awareness and listening skills.

Children's Games
Everyday Activities for Kids
Item Price: $15.95

Kids love activity time! Welcome the day with circle and stretch songs and exciting action exercises. Mexican Jumping Beans, Snappy Turtle, Tying Shoes, Circle Time Action and much more.

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