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No partners needed for this terrific collection of party dances for all ages. Spanish and English. Ages 4 and up. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Available in DVD in English and in Spanish.

All-Time Favorite Dances Video

Best-selling All Time Favorite Dances DVD with step-by-step instructions in Spanish. Pajaritos, La Raspa, El Hokey Pokey, Gato de Callejon, La Dansa Hora, & more. Activity guide included. 35 Minutes.

Songs of You and Me contains bilingual songs about family and friends. A Pam Schiller Resource.

Songs of Learning Fun includes bilingual songs about the alphabet, colors, opposites, months of the year and other concept songs. A Pam Schiller Resource.

Songs of Our Earth contains bilingual songs about weather, seasons, growing things, food and terrain. A Pam Schiller Resource.

Songs of Little Creatures includes bilingual songs about bugs, insects and animals. A Pam Schiller Resource.

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