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 Social Emotional Learning

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Let's make special memories & sing about moments that are important in a child's life. Whether it is about their 1st day of school, flying a kite, gardening with Grandma, or learning to count money, kids will relate to these 12 songs.

Yes I Can! Songs
"Yes, I Can!" Songs
Item Price: $15.95

RONNO helps children believe in themselves! Selections touch on emotions, conflicts, listening, responsibility and more. Guide with lyrics included.

Joining Hands With Other Lands
Joining Hands with Other Lands
Item Price: $15.95

""Miss Jackie"" Introduces children to the customs, culture and language of other lands. Guide with lyrics and activities. Ages 5 to 8.

Songs About Native Americans
Songs About Native Americans
Item Price: $15.95

This interesting collection of songs teaches the importance of honoring, preserving and learning about ancient Indian culture and heritage. Guide with lyrics. (Ages 4 to 8)

Health, Hygiene and Hugs
Health, Hygiene & Hugs
Item Price: $15.95

Ages 3 - 5. All the daily basics of a child's day are made more fun with upbeat music and clever songs about feelings, good manners, good hygiene, eating healthy foods, and getting along with friends and family.

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