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Item Number: EA678CD

Easy-to-learn activity songs! So Happy You're Here, I'm a Pretzel, Ten Wiggle Worms, Rock and Roll Freeze Dance and more.

Song List

  1.  So Happy You're Here
  2.  Five Little Monkeys
  3.  I'm A Pretzel
  4.  So Big
  5.  Rock and Roll Freeze Dance
  6.  Baby Chickie
  7.  When I'm Down I Get Up and Dance
  8.  Ten Wiggle Worms (Part I)
  9.  Ten Wiggle Worms (Part II)
10. Jack-In-The-Box
11. Growing
12. Bluegrass Jamboree
13. Teddy Bear Playtime
14. Put Your Hands In The Air
15. Big Things Come From Little Things You Do