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Sing a Song of Action: Finger Plays and Games, Vol. 1 CD Download

Item Price: $15.00
Item Number: KIM3060DL

11 original songs that can be acted out rhythmically and through finger plays and games. Designed for use with preschool through second grade as well as special education classes.

Songs 1 11 have vocal instructions along with the music so that children may sing-along. Songs 12 22 include the instrumental music only to allow for varied application andinstructor creativity. These playful songs can help children develop essential motor skills.

Song List (Visit KimboEdDownloads.com to listen to music samples)

1. Magic Box
2. It's All Fixed
3. Three Happy Birds
4. Sing Along with Me
5. The Ferry Boat Ride
6. The Big Bull Frog
7. Keeping House
8. Twirling Leaves
9. Winter
10. Dancing Fingers
11. Bicycle Riding
12. Magic Box (Instrumental)
13. It's All Fixed (Instrumental)
14. Three Happy Birds (Instrumental)
15. Sing Along with Me (Instrumental)
16. The Ferry Boat Ride (Instrumental)
17. The Big Bull Frog (Instrumental)
18. Keeping House (Instrumental)
19. Twirling Leaves (Instrumental)
20. Winter (Instrumental)
21. Dancing Fingers (Instrumental)
22. Bicycle Riding (Instrumental)