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Sing a Song of Action: Finger Plays and Games, Vol. 2 CD Download

Item Price: $15.00
Item Number: KIM3070DL

11 original songs that can be acted out rhythmically and through finger plays and games. Simple, rhythmic patterns and opportunities for individual adaptation. The use of the floor for rocking boats, waves, frog kicks, bunny jumps, pedaling bicycles, etc. gives security while allowing for free vigorous motion.

Song List (Visit KimboEdDownloads.com to listen to music samples)

1. Dancing Bear
2. Jack-in-the-Box
3. The Bunny Small
4. Our Orchestra
5. The Drawbridge
6. Spring, Sweet Spring
7. The Rushing Fire Engine
8. Rocking Horses
9. Keeping Clean
10. Wobbly Ducklings
11. Lullaby
12. Dancing Bear (Instrumental)
13. Jack-in-the-Box (Instrumental)
14. The Bunny Small (Instrumental)
15. Our Orchestra (Instrumental)
16. The Drawbridge (Instrumental)
17. Spring, Sweet Spring (Instrumental)
18. The Rushing Fire Engine (Instrumental)
19. Rocking Horses (Instrumental)
20. Keeping Clean (Instrumental)
21. Wobbly Ducklings (Instrumental)
22. Lullaby (Instrumental)