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Educational Music and Movement Activities

Kimboed.com offers a large and diverse catalog of music and movement activities for today's educators, librarians, and parents. Kimbo's CDs, DVDs and read-alongs are powerful tools for teaching important lessons in a fun and innovative way.

By exploring Kimboed.com, you can find educational songs geared towards teaching literacy, motor skills, foreign languages, multiculturalism and more. You'll find energizing dance and fitness CDs and DVDs (many promote brain-based learning), to help children appreciate and enjoy physical activity while establishing healthy habits and fighting childhood obesity.

Kimbo offers special needs activities on a line of products which have been designed for children that require additional help with the development of their speech, learning and motor skills.

All Kimbo titles include a guide that features lyrics, and many titles offer activity suggestions and other information to help maximize their value.

Please take all the time you wish to explore Kimboed.com for informative articles and helpful links to our best products.

Kimbo is Your One-Stop Store for Children's Music and Library Media

We offer high quality, cutting edge CDs and DVDs, as well as provide a wide range of appropriate media for children. Kimbo's award-winning children's music offers excellent resources to support school library curriculums while enriching the children's section in public libraries.

In addition to offering the most diverse line of educational CDs and DVDs, Kimbo also provides their customers with unique activities geared towards health and fitness fun for kids. Their line of products includes movement activities for children, kid’s dance music, fun kid’s songs and other exciting activities. Browse Kimboed.com today to find our new and featured products.

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