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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: CP3409CD

By Carole Peterson

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 30 active songs.Ãà All fun and developmentally appropriate for early childhood teachers and kids!

Song Titles:
1.Ãà Everybody Have a Seat
2.Ãà Hat and Jacket, Pants and Boots
3.Ãà We’re Marching in the Snow
4.Ãà Snow Rhyme
5.Ãà Each Mitten Has a Mate
6.Ãà Snowman Trio
7.Ãà Jingle Bells and STOP
8.Ãà Snow Around the Clock!
9.Ãà The Raindrops Are Falling
10. Jump in the Puddles
11. Rain, Rain Go Away
12. It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More!
13. Here Is a Bunny
15. Go ‘Round and ‘Round the Village
16. What Shall We Do On a Summer Day?
17. You Are My Sunshine
18. Here Is the Beehive
19. Great Big Ball
20. 5 Little Hotdogs
21. Rattlin’ Bog
22. Going Places
23. Leaves Are Falling
24. Blow the Wind
25. Autumn Leaves
26. Bats Are sleeping
27. I Shut the Door
28. Pumpkin, Pumpkin
29. Ten Little Goblins
30. Hola/Adios