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CDs by Kimbo's extraordinary label artist, RONNO.
14 CDs and 1 DVD by RONNO, aka Ron Hiller, focusing on what is important and timely: fitness, early literacy, nutrition, self esteem and character development. Great musical resources for preschool and early elementary educators. Parents, grandparents, librarians and especially children will love to sing and move along together to RONNO's fun, often silly, educational and purposeful songs.
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This 82-page companion instructional manual for the Smart Fitness, Smart Foods CD (sequel to the multi award-winning Catch A Brain Wave Fitness Fun) features full-sized guided-movement instructions (plus diagrams)

Castles, Knights and Unicorns with RONNO

Fantasy Songs for Fun & Action. Charming songs abound in this recording starring princesses and princes, good dragons and unicorns, castle flags, kindly knights, naughty fairies & happy days. Lots of action to get kids up & moving.

Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun CD
Item Price: $15.95

By RONNO & Liz Jones-Twomey. Fun age-appropriate fitness songs for 4-7 yr. olds support critical developmental movement patterns important for a child's brain and body. Catchy tunes and fun sound effects encourage children to move, wiggle and jiggle.

On the Farm With RONNO
On the Farm with Ronno
Item Price: $15.95

RONNO's songs are always fun and factual! His unique musical style motivates children to learn about all kinds of farms, farm families, animals, work machines, cultivation, growing cycles, harvesting and more.

People In Our Neighborhood - Ronno
People in Our Neighborhood
Item Price: $15.95

RONNO introduces children, 4 to 6, to community helpers and workers. Songs about doctors, computer programmers, astronauts, construction workers, teachers and more.

In Your Hands, by RONNO
Item Price: $8.95

This absolutely beautiful single will move listeners & motivate anyone who works & cares for children. The perfect gift to give to teachers -- and to yourself! Its a great thank you, and a lovely pick-me-up for any day.

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