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CDs by Kimbo's extraordinary label artist, RONNO.
14 CDs and 1 DVD by RONNO, aka Ron Hiller, focusing on what is important and timely: fitness, early literacy, nutrition, self esteem and character development. Great musical resources for preschool and early elementary educators. Parents, grandparents, librarians and especially children will love to sing and move along together to RONNO's fun, often silly, educational and purposeful songs.
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Smart Fitness, Smart Foods
Item Price: $15.95

By RONNO & Liz Jones-Twomey. This exciting, multi-purpose CD addresses both the need to provide easily accessible opportunities for necessary exercise & important nutritional facts to encourage children to understand how to eat properly.

By RONNO & Liz Jones-Twomey. Multi-Award Winning CD! Motivating guided-movement workouts set to energetic music provide Quality Daily Physical Activity, building healthier bodies & strengthening the brain for better learning.

This 47-page companion teacher-resource booklet/instructional guide for the "Catch a Brain Wave" Fitness Fun CD features full-sized guided-movement instructions, song lyric sheets, and reproducible classroom activity worksheets.

Character Development
Item Price: $15.95

BY RONNO. Invite children to grow as individuals, learners and responsible citizens. Wholesome and positive songs support solid character building in a fun way.

Go Green!
Item Price: $16.95

GO GREEN! Caring About Our Earth. Songs about playing outdoors, recycling, planting a garden, stopping pollution, and more inspire children to connect to the Earth and encourage them to be responsible for the Earth.

Jump Start Action Songs with Ronno

Jump-Start your children's mind & motor development with winning songs & action activities. This album features RONNO's most motivating action songs from his collection of titles & also features 1 new song, "Twist, Stop, Hop."

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