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Rockin' Reading Readiness

Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: KIM9179CD

Awards... Best Seller

2006 Parent' Choice Approved Award Winner
2006 iParenting Media Award Winner

By Ronno
The Music Rocks & The Songs Teach!
Children learn valuable literacy concepts from these cool lyrics. Skills include oral language, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, print awareness, and more. Learning these important reading readiness skills through music guarantees a higher rate of success. The memorable lyrics are authored by Dr. Pam Schiller, Beth DeVolder and RONNO (RONNO also composed the exceptional music and sings the zany songs).Guide is filled with activities, lyrics and book connections.

AGES: 3 to 9       ISBN-10: 1-56346-134 X       ISBN-13: 978-15634-6134-7

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