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Rhythm Sticks Rock

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By Georgiana Stewart
Rock, rap, and tap along to cool music from Rock 'N Roll to Calypso, and Salsa to Classical. Creative stick activities include a rocket ride to the moon, dancing around the planets, rocking with the dinosaurs, using signal sticks to bring the planes back home. Narrated cleverly creative activities on this fun CD include imaginative play, partner activities, a circle game, twisting, a twirl dance and more. Using rhythm sticks is always a classroom favorite and a great way to promote body identification, directionality, right/left discrimination, over/under, loud/soft, reinforce safety guidelines, and improve rhythmic awareness.

Available and sold separately: 12 sets of 10" Rhythm Sticks - ACC2000
Rhythm sticks are wooden dowels, left in their natural state (no paint), cut in 10" lengths.
Please note: You must select the special shipping option labeled, "Domestic Shipping Rate - Rhythm Sticks" at checkout if purchashing the 10" rhythm sticks. There is an additional $2.00 shipping charge for the sticks. Due to increased postal charges, we DO NOT SHIP Rhythm Sticks OUTSIDE OF THE USA.

AGES: 4 - 7       ISBN-10: 1-56346-141- 2       ISBN-13: 978-156346-141-5

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