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 Rhythm Sticks

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Multicultural Rhythm Stick Activities
Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun
Item Price: From $15.95 to $16.50

This CD offers multicultural awareness and rhythmic activities using rhythm sticks. A Kimbo best seller, these authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world set the stage for easy rhythm stick activities.

Rhythm Stick Activity Fun
Item Price: From $15.95 to $16.50

An energetic, fun way to develop rhythm, listening skills, coordination & perceptual motor skills. Group, partner & individual routines feature vocal instructions that announce the stick actions, step patterns & body movements.

Rhythm Sticks Rock
Item Price: From $15.95 to $16.50

Creative stick activities include a rocket ride to the moon, dancing around the planets, rocking with the dinosaurs, using signal sticks to bring the planes back home. Each selection has narrated instructions.

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