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 Rhythm Sticks

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New! Multicultural Movement Fun
Item Price: $15.95

Move around the world with your parachute, bean bags, and rhythm sticks. Dance and play to the sounds of multicultural music and guided action songs. The new CD offers so much! Children are given the opportunity to "visit" 16 different places...

RHYTHM STICKS 10" (12 sets)
Item Price: $15.50

Rhythm sticks are wooden dowels, left in their natural state (no paint), cut in 10" lengths

Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap
Item Price: $15.95

By Michael Plunkett. Play to the beat with rhythm sticks! Children gain rhythmic sense, develop motor skills and learn valuable concepts.The musical patterns reinforce skills such as loud/soft, fast/slow, up and down and more.

Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities
Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities
Item Price: From $15.50 to $15.95

Children perform basic rhythm stick activities. Develops motor skills and coordination.

(Ages 3-8) Youngsters use one or two rhythm sticks to perform various patterns, individually or in groups. 12th Street Rag, Alley Cat & more.

Lummi Sticks for Kids
Lummi Sticks for Kids
Item Price: $15.95

3 - 8 years. Tap out easy rhythm stick routines and develop coordination and motor skills. 12 activities are set to famous songs.

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