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 Rhythms & Marches

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Preschool Playtime Band
Preschool Playtime Band
Item Price: $15.95

Kids love a rhythm band and a parade! Ragtime to rock melodies will have children marching while learning about rhythms. Guide with lyrics and activities. Ages 3 to 8.

Rhythm Band for Little People
Item Price: $42.95

Children read & follow symbols on charts while playing their instruments. Enhance visual & auditory perception & encourage counting skills. Includes a manual & 16 posters.
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Ribbons & Rhythms
Item Price: $15.95

By Michael Plunkett
Who's got the beat! Take up your favorite ribbons, streamers, and scarves, plus get ready for hand-clapping, foot stomping, toe tapping, repetitive rhythmic routines. CD & Extended Guide.

All aboard....follow the animal parade. This fanciful and fun CD is rich in opportunities for creative play and simple exercises, both so important for a young child. !

Circle Time Activities - (Theme-Based and Fun!)
Circle Time Activities
Item Price: $15.95

17 original and popular children's songs teach a variety of concepts in a fun way that will promote learning. Keep this musical resource handy for circle and transition times.

Join the Rhythm Band Wagon
Item Price: $23.95

(Ages 5 - 10) 12 original songs ideal for your school rhythm band. Children hear the rhythm instruments while they read symbols on charts and play along. Includes 13 Mini-Charts and Guide.

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