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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: EA837DVD

Musical Picture Books for Young Children
Twelve Hap favorites presented in musical picture books that combine songs with imaginative illustrations and colorful photos.Ãà This DVD motivates kids to read and sing.Ãà Easy format, steady picktures help new readers focus on text, identify sight words and start to read!Ãà Download lyrics & activities on Hap’s site.Ãà Ages 4-9.

Song List:
1.Ãà Sammy/I’m Glad I’m Me
2.Ãà What A Miracle
3.Ãà Down By The Bay
4.Ãà The Mice Go Marching
5.Ãà What Do The Animals Say?
6.Ãà The Clown Song
7.Ãà Growing
8.Ãà Backwards Land
9.Ãà Teddy Bear Ball
10. Witches’ Brew
11. One Little Sound
12. We’re On Our Way