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FEEL THE BEAT, by LeAnn Haggard

  • "Children’s dance educator, LeAnn Haggard, has created a fun way to move bodies and minds into being healthy, fit and alert. Feel the Beat’s core is the research-developed theory of brain-based movement, which links body movement with learning. The CD is divided into three basic parts: Warm-up, High-Energy Dance and Slowdown. The booklet includes narrated words and description of the moves on each track. I tried out the program. Every part of my body was in motion, and I felt wide awake afterward." (Kate Karp, Rancho Santa Margarita Library. Kate Karp is an editor for School News Roll Call and a freelance writer and editor).

TD Monthly Magazine, www.toydirectory.com


  • This rollickin' goodtime CD encourages children to read through the use of fun songs that educate children on a number of literacy-related concepts. Kids learn sentence structure, vocabulary building, listening, alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyming, letter knowledge, print awareness, word families and more. Fun-time songs abound from "When You Get the Giggles" to "Five Huge Dinosaurs."

YOU CAN DANCE! By The Learning Station, 2008 Parents Choice Award Winner

  • ..."19 songs that go with various styles of dance — ballroom, disco, hip hop, free form clogging and much more. CD includes a 24-page booklet with lyrics and dance instructions. Designed to introduce children to basic dance moves that help with natural rhythm and motor skills. “Creative movement and dance is an enjoyable way for kids to develop their physical strength, channel their energy, stimulate their imagination, promote their creativity and foster their social skills - Laurie Monopoli, The Learning Station

The Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch, www.midwestbookreview.com


  • Kimbo Educational offers four excellent music CDs for children, each promoting both physical and mental development. "I Like Myself: Songs About Feelings and Fun" lives up to its title with audio activities as well as songs, dedicated to promoting emotional development and language skills. Action songs, games, and creative play fill this delightful album for tykes. Michael Plunkett's "Shakin' the Chute: Fitness With a Parachute" is a kids' CD designed to be played with a simple, colorful parachute for team activities that promote mobility, direction skills, body identification, imagination, and other early learning skills. "Steady, Ready, Jump: Preschool Fitness Fun" is an album of high-energy, movement-based activity especially for young listeners ages 3-8, and a great way to encourage healthy exercise habits at a young age. An activity guide as well as lyrics and literature links are included. Georgiana Stewart's "Activity Songs and Games: Learning Fun for Preschoolers" offers songs that emphasize motor skill development through musical play, rhythms, exercises, and games. All these CDs are choice picks with educational as well as fitness value, and highly recommended for little ones.

THE SMART FITNESS WORKOUT DVD, by RONNO & Liz Jones-Twomey- May 2010

  • The routine(s) emphasize the fun and joy of cardio, as well as the value of eating healthy foods, and is adaptable for children with special needs. An excellent addition to the DVD libraries of young people, especially in today's overly sedentary and junk food-saturated society, The Smart Fitness Workout is highly recommended.

FEEL THE BEAT, by LeAnn Haggard- April 2008

  • Physical exercise is a core necessity for healthy children and one of the ways to encourage them is through the use of lively "kids friendly" music. In Feel the Beat LeAnn Haggard showcases a complete exercise program from boys and girls ages 4 to 6. ...superbly produced and recorded colelection. Feel the Beat, ranging from African to Latin to Hip Hop rhythms, is enthusiastically recommended for preschool, kindergarten, day-care center, family, and community library CD muisc collections.

"Music can serve a variety of purposes and functions, including recreation, education and motor skills development. Kimbo has five specialized music CDs that are superbly recorded and perfect for use with preschool, daycare and kindergarten children." - April 2008

CATCH A BRAIN WAVE FITNESS FUN, by RONNO and Liz Jones Twomey - April 2008

  • 17 lively tunes for guided movement and fitness that will also enhance listening skills and creative movement activity specifically designed to stimulate brain development.

MOVING TO MATH, by Pam Schiller, Ph.D. - April 2008

  • 22 musical songs, dances and games to develop children's math literacy

ONE FOOT ON, ONE FOOT OFF, by Georgiana Stewart - April 2008

  • 6 vocal and six instrumental tunes for basic floor and balance beam motor skills. Ideal for use with individual or with small groups.

IT'S FUN TO CLAP, by Wm. Janiak, RMT - April 2008

  • 12 numbers whose slow, repetitive songs and music-based activities are designed to improve speech, language and communication skills.

YOGA AND YOU, by Rachelle Goldsmith - April 2008

  • Narration with music takes children through a step-bystep process that will aid in strengthening children's bodies through controlled stretching that incorporates creative visualization and develops calmness of mind and spirit.

YOU CAN DANCE! - February 2008

  • More than a music CD for preschool through elementary grade listeners - it teaches the basics of a broad variety of dance styles, from ballroom to disco, hip-hop, hula, cha cha and much more! Absolutely no prior dancing skills are required. The twenty-four page included booklet lists lyrics and step-by-step dance instructions to get moving to the diverse tracks. A great physical activity for encouraging exercise, as well as teaching young people about the joy of dance, highly recommended.


  • Kimbo Educational offers lively, educational, entertaining, and thoroughly "kid friendly" music CDs that are perfect for helping young children exercise, learn, and enjoy themselves. Especially recommended for family, daycare center, preschool program, kindergarten, elementary school, and community library CD collections...


  • Kimbo Educational is a premiere producer of lively CD music for children specifically designed, performed, and recorded so as to help them grow and develop both physically and mentally. Perfect for families, preschools, kindergartens and community libraries...


  • A CD music release from Kimbo Educational that showcases twelve lively, entertaining, technically impressive, and confidently recommended as being a collection of thoroughly 'kid friendly' songs for young children about themselves and the world they live in.


  • Spectacular collection of inspiring and encouraging songs with energetic and rhythmic lyrics featuring an outstanding track list.

LEAPING LITERACY by Pam Schiller, Ph.D - July 2006

  • ...an expansive and highly informative collection of literacy-acute songs and rhymes to help children learn and retain oral linguistics, letter knowledge, segmentation, print related spatial relationships, listening and phonological awareness.

School Library Journal

YOU CAN DANCE - April 2008

  • PreS-Gr 4–To make exercise fun, easy, and inviting, Learning Station Band (Don and Laurie Monopoli and Jan Hrkach) have created 19 dance songs in a wide variety of styles, such as jive, salsa, disco, cha cha, soul, fox trot, techno, hip hop, and others. Among the tunes are "Just Stroll," "Spicy Salsa" "Do the Funky Chicken," "Doo Wop Dancing," "Fox Trot Detectives," and "Hip Hop Fast." The lyrics of each song give instructions for the dance moves. As in all of the group’s previous CDs, the musicianship is excellent. Background vocals are performed by the USA Kid Singers. Young and old alike will enjoy dancing to the many beats on this album. Perfect for story times, physical education and music classes, and for home use.(Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX)

LITERACY IN MOTION, by The Learning Station, Audio Pick

  • This is an excellent way to encourage listening, literacy and movement to music.
  • 20 wonderful original songs, each of which ties into a well-known children's picture book, many of them Caldecott Award or Honor winners. Designed to motivate children to read, the trio use rock, Jamaican, folk, country, and African-style music to give the collection variety. The lyrics booklet includes instructions for each tune. Children's librarians will want to use this great resource to enhance their story time activities.

Award Reviews

ROCKIN' READING READINESSR by RONNO and Pam Schiller, Ph.D. 2006 iparenting Media Award

  • This CD was full of fun and upbeat songs with some of them having classic tunes with new words. My son really enjoyed the Five Huge Dinosaurs song, as well as the When You Get the Giggles song. He thoroughly enjoyed all the songs on the CD, and after hearing each song, asked for it to be played again before hearing the next. He asked for several songs by name. The Rocking Reading Readiness CD recognizes that while reading is a visual task, there are children who also need an audio component to help them fully grasp the concept.
  • I think the CD's ability to get kids excited about reading, letters and making words from letters is great. The songs are also good -- the kids love the lyrics, and the melodies are wonderful. The suggested activities that accompany each song in the insert are great.

LEAPING LITERACY, by Pam Schiller, Ph.D. Earlychildhood NEWS Directors' Choice + Judges' Selection Award for Outstanding Products for 2005

  • This CD (Leaping Literacy) is jam-packed with ideas that fulfill literacy needs and approach different literacy success (listening, oral language, letter knowledge, phonological awareness) in an innovative manner. It's a great way to introduce children to reading and literacy."

START SMART SONGS FOR 1's, 2's, & 3's, by Pam Schiller, Ph.D. Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy, Institute for Childhood Resources, Smart Toys and Smart Products

  • Children learn best through play. Products such as "Start Smart Songs for 1's, 2's and 3's encourage children to maximize their potentials.

Fans Love Kimbo Products!

BILL JANIAK - Special Needs Products

  • I've been fan of your music for about 25 years. I love the pace at which you do your music. The para-professionals in the classroom this summer can't say enough positive things when I play your music. Special Education children, in particular, just can't keep up [with most music as it is too fast]. And, I think most "normal" children like your pace as well. (Barb Moors)
  • My teaching partner and I have been using your recordings Songs About Me, and More Songs About Me, for years. Our students enjoy "Stand Up, Sit Down,""Count My Fingers," "Rock A Little Baby," "Swaying My Body" just to name a few. We were delighted to finally locate you. Thank you for providing our children with great music" (Marge Brettrager)
  • I am writing to let you know how much my son has enjoyed your music. He has Williams Syndrome, autism, is nonverbal and severely mentally handicapped. When he was in a birth to three program he was introduced to your music. He loves the same music over and over, AND, are his very favorites. I must tell you he is now chronologically 29 years old. He has been listening to the music for about 27 years. We have danced to the music, I have sung them to him, we have used them to help learn some basic skills. I wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed having that music for him. Thank you so much. (Kathy Zaumeyer)
  • I have several of your CD's and they work like a charm with my children who are on the spectrum as well as with a visually impaired student. (Jennifer Mitchell, Special Needs Teacher)


  • My students absolutely love working out to the CD almost on a daily basis. In Florida we have had to add about 15 minutes a day of nutrition work, workout, health info to our classroom routine. Once I saw how much my students loved the cd and workout, I shared it with a few other teachers and our inside PE teacher. She has used it with the whole school and even an afternoon workout with the teachers. We are working together to help our students and children become healthier children and hopefully grow into healthy adults. Once again my students and I absolutely LOVE your CD and feel awesome after we use it. (Shanon Parker, 4th grade teacher in Lake County Florida)


  • This CD is great for children. It is good music for encouraging large motor movement, and you don't have to worry about bad lyrics. (K. Cox)


  • I bought Jump-Start Action Songs CD on the promise it would keep my preschool class occupied on a rainy day....RONNO delivered!!! Today we were ready to go outside and then it started to rain. ....what to do? I got my player and grabbed the CD - the whole class was hopping and twisting and polkaing away. What fun we had!!! -Keep up the good work! (Cathy Lindner, RECE, Wellesley Preschool, Canada)

MOVING TO MATH, by Pam Schiller, Ph.D.

  • I am so excited, as Moving to Math CD is very consistent with Montessori. (Heidi Spietz, American Montessori Consulting)

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