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Country Parachute Roundup
Item Price: $15.95

(Ages 8-12) Kick up your heels to fun tunes that are unmistakeably country! Gallop, lasso, stomp, ans swing. Easy steps and routines. Activities designed for use with 12' or 24' parachutes.

Item Price: $28.95

(Ages 9 & up) These exercises for students with previous parachute experience, progress from easy to more challenging. Do the Twist, Bump, Grapevine and Play Call ball, Chute Soccer, Chute Ball, The Weave and more.

Children's Games

Take a parachute, add some folk dance steps & you've created an exciting new enthusiasm for enjoying parachute play! Do the Mushroom, Umbrella, Inside The Mountain & others to Irish Washerwoman, Seljancica, Mayim, Mayim & more!

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