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Dr. Pam Schiller

Early Childhood Consultant, Author, Popular Keynote Speaker

Dr. Schiller has been a childcare administrator for several years and has also taught in the public schools as a kindergarten teacher. She served as Head of the Early Childhood Department at the University of Houston where she also directed the Lab School. Dr. Schiller shares her extensive knowledge in workshops, radio and television interviews, and as a popular keynote speaker and author. She is Senior Author of the DLM Early Childhood Express, a full curriculum for for four year olds, the DLM Early Childhood Program, a full curriculum for Kindergarten and Early Impressions: Start Smart Edition, a full curriculum for infants and toddlers. Pam is also the author of several children's books, music CD's, DVD's and more than thirty teacher resource books for Gryphon House, Goodyear Books, SRA/McGraw-Hill, and Fearon Teaching Aids.


Workshop Descriptions


A Joyful Journey to Literacy

This session addresses how to teach young children the mechanics of reading while ensuring that they are also developing the disposition for reading. A discussion of a literacy continuum provides a developmental sequence that can be used as a road map to guide children on this crucial journey. A review of the "windows of opportunity," emerging from early brain development research, offers a timetable for the journey that is consistent with the natural development of auditory and visual discrimination in young children. Participants will leave with a road map, timetable and collection of strategies and activities to help foster children's development of early literacy skills.

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Do You Know the Muffin Man?

With the strong national focus on early literacy, we have begun to examine and define the valuable role singing songs, reciting chants, and the telling and re-enacting of stories plays in laying the foundation for reading readiness. This workshop is filled with ideas of ways to use these tools in a more meaningful was as literacy springboards. We must begin articulating the role these natural early childhood experiences play in developing the foundation for literacy or we are going to find ourselves at even greater odds with the people who know reading but don't understand anything about the nature of young children.

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Those Terrific Toddlers and Two

They're busy -- and they are at the most fertile time in their life for learning. This workshop explores ways to interact with toddlers and two-ways to stimulate their language, ways to maximize their physical development and ways to get them thinking. (1 hour, 2 hours)

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Start Smart: Building Brain Power in the Early Years

Scientific research is providing a number of findings that optimize learning opportunities for young children. Applications of the research have valuable implications for everyone involved in the lives of young children. The neurological wiring windows referred to as "windows of opportunity" provide a timeline for development that when followed with appropriate experiences provide all children with a firm foundation for lifelong learning. This session focuses on aligning research findings with classroom experiences.

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Count on Math/alternate title: Moving with Math

This presentation provides strategies to help you teach mathematics with less effort and more results.  The key is to follow an appropriate developmental sequence.  Children build a better understanding of math concepts when they can firmly grasp one concept at a time and apply each newly acquired understanding to the next concept.

In this workshop, participants find out which concepts children are ready to learn, and which ones to teach first. They learn the big ideas that underlie the seemingly simple skills children practice with manipulatives, games and music and return to the classroom loaded with mathematics motivation!

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Dr. Schiller has numerous other workshop topics. Call for complete list.


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