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Item Price: $5.00
Item Number: PRO1CD

Professor Pocket, Desi the Dinosaur and Chico the Chicken go on a bilingual musical adventure to visit the very unique and magical farm where listeners will learn that pigs drive tractors, cows make chocolate milk and horses fly.

Song List:
1. Opening Theme Song
2. The Animals On The Farm (Los Animales en la Granja)
3. !Ay Caramba! !No Hay Dinosaurios!
4. Let's Go to the Farm (Vamos a la Granja)
5. Los Pollitos
6. Is That Pig Driving a Tractor? (?Un Cerdo Manejando un Tractor?)
7. Todos los Cerdos
8. I Am Hungry! I Am Thirsty! (!Tengo Hambre! !Tengo Sed!)
9. La La La La Leche
10. Let's Go Flying! (!Vamos a Volar!)
11. Vuela Caballo Blanco
12. Where Are the Sheep? (?Donde Estan las Ovejas?)
13. Cinco Ovejas
14. Goodbye! (!Adios!)
15. Closing Theme Song