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Leaping Literacy!  Rhythm Sticks, Ribbons & Games

(Ages 4-9) Fun, easy routines using balls, hoops and ribbons. Chariots of Fire, Star Wars Theme, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and more.

By Georgiana Stewart. Musical Activities and Games using the fun-filled toy, "The Hoppity Hop". Treat your kids to hours of fun, exercise and imaginative play. Ideal for developing gross motor skills and aerobic fitness.

Jump to the Beat
Item Price: $17.95

Fun-filled rope-jumping activities combine aerobics and precision rope jumping skills. Beginner and Advanced routines. Easy to follow steps. Includes manual.

Item Price: $15.95

Authentic Philippine Music and five basic dance steps. Talk-thru and walk-thru instructions.

(Ages 9 and up) Modified with 4/4 beat, six dances develop coordination and rhythmic timing.

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