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Item Price: $5.00
Item Number: RO8147CD

Doc Dauer presents THE BODY ROCKS.  This CD merges modern pop music with biological science featuring lyrics that answer children’s questions about the functions of the human body set to music that is clever, educational and entertaining.  It is a musical tour through everything from the endocrine and circulatory systems, specific organs and body parts, senses and more.

Song Titles:

  1.  Brain (Intro)
  2. Everything’s Controlled By the Brain
  3. Sight (Intro)
  4. Sight Is One Of Our Senses
  5. Muscles and Bones Make Our Bodies Move
  6. Pee (Intro)        
  7. Pee Keeps Our Insides Clean
  8. Hair Isn’t Just on Our Head
  9. Heart Intro
  10. The Heart Beats Lub Dub
  11. We’re All Big Fans of Glands
  12. Smell Is Invisible
  13. Skin (Intro)
  14. Skin Is the Biggest Organ
  15. Oxygen (Intro)
  16. Oxygen Is Our Friend
  17. Food Gives Energy to Me and You