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Singalingo's: EN ME CASA

Singalingo's: EN MI CASA

Item Price: $5.00
Item Number: SAL1032CD

By Piña and Michael Madera.  Upbeat Songs in Spanish About Kids’ Everyday Activities!  Songs are sung in Spanish.  Lyrics and English translations are included.  Children ages 1-6 learn Spanish through 17 upbeat songs.

NAPA Award Winner

Song Titles

  1.  En la Manana/In The Morning
  2.  Hola, Amigos/Hello, Friends
  3. Senor Sol/Mr. Sun
  4. Marcha/March
  5. Ponte a Bailar/Start Dancing
  6. 1, 2, 3
  7. ¿Tienes Hambre?/Are You Hungry?              
  8. Lava las Manos/Wash Your Hands                     
  9. Abre el Refrigerador/Open the Refrigerator
  10. Pon la Mesa/Set the Table
  11. Dos Manos/Two Hands
  12. Escondete/Go Hide
  13. ¿Donde Estas?/Where are You?                    
  14. Burbujas/Bubbles
  15. Mono Chico/Little Monkey
  16. Arana Pequena/Itsy, Bitsy Spider
  17. Buenas Noches/Good Night