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Item Number: MLB02CD
Uses sounds, words and simple phrases to elicit expressive/spoken language. Open Your Mouth and Sing Ah, The Leeway Train, The Animal Song, Tap It On Your Head, Sing And Echo Song and more.

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1. Open Your Mouth and Sing AhÃÃà


2. Hey, Mister MonkeyÃÃà


3. The Leeway TrainÃÃà

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4. The Animal Song (Version 1)ÃÃà


5. Tap It On Your Head (acapella)ÃÃà

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6. Miss Mary MakeoverÃÃà

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7. Sing An Echo Song (Full Version)ÃÃà


8. TDNL Do-wop


9. Three Little MonkeysÃÃà


10. Wolf CubÃÃà


11. Hip Hop Vehicle SoundsÃÃà


12. The Animal Song (Version 2)ÃÃà

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13. Tap It On Your Head (With Music)


14. Sing An Echo Song (Karaoke Version)