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Item Number: SUG2011CD

By Josu Gallastegui. B31 Piano Pieces for Ballet Barre and Center. An elegant, romantic collection featuring more than 90 min. of music arranged for ballet barre and center. Selections are by Verdi, Strauss, Gounod, Donizetti, Rameau and Telemann among others. Josu Gallastegui has played for Baryshnikov and Noreyev, David Parsons, Anna Sokolow and throughout the world of dance.



    BARRE - Disc 1
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1. Warm Up Gavotte (Rameau)

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2. Battements tendus No. 1 - Variations (Rossini-Chopin)


3. Plies No. 1 Aria (Bellini)

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4. Plies No. 2 Juntos al Sol


5.ÃÃÃàBattements tendus No. 1 Il Pirata (Bellini)

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6. Battements tendus No. 2 Ragtime


7. Battements Jetes No. 1 Don Pasquale (Donizetti)


8. Battements Jetes No. 2 Vespri Sicciliani (Verdi)

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9. Ronds des jambes a terre Rigoletto (Verdi)


10. Battements frappes Thunder & Lightning (Strauss)


11. Battements frappes (faster) Thunder & Lightning


12. Battements fondues El Roncal ZortzicoÃÃÃà


13. ÃÃÃàPetits Battements Hungarian Dance


14. Ronds des jambes en l’air Swiss Waltz


15.ÃÃÃàAdagio Andante (Telemann)


16. Grands battements Fireproof Polka (Strauss)


17. Stretch Ballade (Esain)

    CENTRE - Disc 2

18. Tendus Argentinian Dance


19. Fondus Habanera


20. Adagio No. 1 Four Note Adagio


21.ÃÃÃàAdagio No. 2 Scenes Are the Brightest (Wallace)


22. Turns Polish Songs


23. Diagonal - Polka (Strauss)


24. Small jumps Mambo


25. Medium jumps No. 1 Allegro in G


26. Medium jumps No. 2 Violin Concerto (Reading)


27. Medium jumps No. 3 Violin Concerto (Reading)


28. Big jumps Waltz Medley


29. Coda The Gypsy Baron March (Strauss)


30. Reverance Polonaise in B Flat