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Item Price: $25.00
Item Number: BSM009CD

By Steven Mitchell

This double CD set contains one disc for a beginning pointe class and one for an intermediate class. All selections start with a 4 count intro and are repeated. The familiar melodies are played in Stevens rousing style. This music can take the fear out of dancing on pointe! Musical selections from opera, ballet and classical melodies.

Song List:

Disc 1
1. Demi Plie and Rise Simple Gifts (Traditional Melody)
2. Demi Pointe Full Pointe (original)
3. Releve in 1st and 2nd Un Petite Ballet
4. Demi Detourne Petit Mazurka (original)
5. Echappe from Napoli (Helsted/Paulli)
6. Grand Battements and Sus Sous Mazurka (Meyer/Helmund)
7. Releves 2 to 1 Havana (Tango) (Gottschalk)
8. Pique a la 2nd and Bouree Waltz in Gb -Les Sylphides (Chopin)

9. Temps Lie Impromptu (Schubert)
10. Echappe and Sus Sous If I Only Had a Brain
11. Bouree Sur Place & Forward Waltz in C# Minor (Chopin)
12. Bouree, Side to Side & Turning The Dying Poet (Gottschalk)
13. Failli Assemble and Sus Sous Loves Dream After The Ball
14. Pas de Bouree Pique The Siamese Cat Song
15. Reverence Menuetto (Schubert)

Disc 2
1. Demi & Grand Plie & Rise (original)
2. Tendu & Releve Song of the Robin
3. Degage with Releve Were Off To See The Wizard
4. Rond de Jambe en lair Don Quixote (Minkus)
5. Petit Battement with Releve, Balance Pas de Deux (Tchaikovsky)
6. Grand Battement Don Quixote (Minkus)
7. Adage with Demi & Grand Rond de Jambe Barcarolle (Smith)
8. Exercise for Pirouettes Danse Capriccio (Cadmus)

9. Releve & Echappe Rubber Duckie
10. Temps Lie La Rondine (Puccini)
11. Pirouette en dehors & Tendu La Sonnambula (Donizetti)
12. Pirouette en dedans with Balance Les Sylphes
13. Releve 2 to 1 & Pas de Bouree Pique & Emboite Minuet from Corsaire (Minkus)
14. Pointe Enchainment Spanish Waltz (original)
15. Pointe Enchainment with Pirouettes Galop (Gottschalk)
16. Pirouette en Diagonale La Sonnambula (Donizetti)
17. Reverence with Balance Trio, from Impromptu in Ab (Schubert)