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Item Number: SLM3128CD

2011 Parents Choice Award. Outrageously good music that inspires youngsters to learn about and take better care of our precious ocean. Songs range from indie rock and reggae to aloha jams. Only One Ocean, Kingdom Of The Crab, Coral Reef, Turtle Ate A Jelly, Pllankton Soup, Jellies Ballet and much more.

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1. Only One Ocean 


2. Kingdom of The Crab 

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3. Going Down, Down, Down 


4. Mountain in My Hand


5. Ocean Everywhere 

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6. Standing on My Head 


7. Cetacea


8. Coral Reef 


9. Ocean Flow 


10. Turtle Ate a Jelly 


11. Plankton Soup 

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12. Jellies Ballet 


13. The Living Sea 

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14. Too Hot