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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: MLB04CD
Is based around all three concepts: Moving, Singing and Playing. Move It To The Music, Body Rap, Everybody Touch Your Head, We All Have Feelings, Jump High, Turn Around and more.


1.ÃÃàHey HelloÃÃà

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2. Move It To The MusicÃÃà


3. I’ve Got The Music In MeÃÃà

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4. Body RapÃÃà


5. Everybody Touch Your HeadÃÃà

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6. We All Have FeelingsÃÃà


7. Tweet Tweet Little BirdyÃÃà


8. Everybody Touch Your Head (Karaoke/Fill In)ÃÃà

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9. Very Best BandÃÃà

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10. Jump High, Turn AroundÃÃà


11. Teddies To TurtlesÃÃà


12. Sharing, Caring, Moving and Growing