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Item Number: JH38CD

Non-fictional and Fictional Animal Songs for Alphabet Awareness, Letter Sounds & Alliteration. Also focus on Science Facts, Gross Motor Movement Fun, Counting, Kindness and Cooperation, Following Directions. Songs include Adam the Action Ant, Bubba the Baby Bumble Bee, all the way to Ziggy the Zebra.

Song Titles:
1. Adam the Action Ant
2. Bubba the Baby Bumble Bee
3. Calvin the Counting Cat
4. Desi the Dinosaur’s Disco Dance
5. Eddy the Elephant Never Forgets
6. Felipe’s Fantastic Fun Fish Freeze
7. Go Go Go Gaylord Gorilla
8. Harry the Hippie Hippopotamus
9. Iggy’s Incredible Inchworm Walk
10. Jo Jo the Jiggly Jellyfish
11. Kimby the Kindness Kangaroo
12. Little Lulu the Lion
13. Micky the Mini Mighty Monkey
14. Nina the Nighingale Sings Her Numbers
15. Octavius the Octopus
16. Poppy the Pink Pelican
17. Quincy the Quail
18. Rocky the Rock N’ Roll Raccoon
19. Sally’s Silly Salmon Dance
20. Tommy the Teenie Tiny Tiger
21. Upton the Unbelievable Umbrella Bird
22. Victor the Viper
23. Wendy the Wonderful Woodpecker
24. Rox the Fox
25. Yoshika the Yak
26. Ziggy the Zebra
27. Jack Hartmann’s Alphabet Animal Parade