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Paperback or Hardcover:

By Kevin Henkes
Read by Katherine Kellgren

Much to her parents chagrin, 5 year old Ruthie has a devoted invisible friend named Jessica. When Ruthie accidentally spills juice, Jessica gladly takes the blame. When Ruthies parents plan to hire a baby sitter and go to a move, Jessica gets a tummy ache and needs them to stay home. There is no Jessica, her parents keep insisting, but Ruthie knew there was. When its time to start kindergarten, Ruthies father suggests that Jessica stay home, but, of course, Ruthie brings Jessica anyway. On that fateful day we discover what Ruthie knew all alongthere really is a Jessica! The twists of fate allow a childs fantasy world to joyfully overlap into the real one.

Includes Readalong CD and Book (available in both hardcover and paperback).