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Item Number: JH27832CD
By Jack Hartmann. Hip-Hop and Pop Beats to Help Your Children Read. Let todays catchy hip-hop rhythms help children learn the most essential research-based reading skills. Alphabet recognition, letter sounds, vowel sounds language-play activities, compound words and more. Hip-Hop Humpty, These Are the Vowels, Im Learning to Read, Clapping Machine and more.

Song Titles

Compact Disc #1
1. Hip-Hop Alpha Bop
2. Freeze It
3. Hip-Hop To The Alphabet
4. The Cool Head and Shoulders Knees & Toes
5. Hip-Hop Humpty
6. Mrs. Clangbangbingbongbo
7. Im Learning To Read
8. Proud To Be An American
9. Letter Sounds Yo Yo
10. These Are The Vowels
11. Clapping Machine 1
12. Clapping Machine 2
13. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Rap
14. Is It A Word Or Not
15. Old McDonald Had A Farm (Eng.& Span.)
16. The All Wrong Old McDonald Song
17. Hello All Around the World
18. I See Colors
19. Popcorn Words (1, 2 & 3 letter sight words)
20. Its A Big World
21. Have You Heard Abo ut Compound Words
22. Two Letters That Work Together
23. The Letter Sound Listening Game
24. Make New Sounds
25. The Seasons I Teach
26. You Let Him Sing
Compact Disc #2 - Special Teachers Tool
Sound tracks & teaching version of the songs