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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: JH1320CD

By Jack Hartmann.  Curriculum based and Common Core Standards Math CD.  Focuses on Calendar Skills, Spelling Numbers, Identifying Numbers, Before, After and In The Middle, Skip Counting, Patterning, Holidays, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Spatial Concepts, Following Directions and much more.


Song Titles:

  1. Jack Hartmann Says
  2. Ready for School
  3. Rock ‘n Roll Days of the Week
  4. Country Line Count
  5. Count by 2’s Animal Groove
  6. Fitness Fiesta
  7. Hip-Hop Jive Count by 5’s
  8. Dancing Star
  9. I Believe
  10. Pump Up the Pattern
  11. Numbercise
  12. Three Days in a Row
  13. Months of the Year Cheer
  14. Twenty-Six Letters
  15. Alligator Chomp (new version)
  16. Shape Up
  17. Animals Count
  18. Beat of the Street
  19. Hand Clap Rap
  20. Number in the Middle
  21. It’s Cool to Count On
  22. Days in the Month Rap
  23. Rock to the Beat
  24. How to Spell Our Numbers
  25. Tie Your Shoes Rap
  26. Zero the Hero
  27. Alligator Chomp (new patterns)
  28. Reindeer Pokey
  29. Valentine’s Day Party Dance
  30. Birthday Rap
  31. Your Birthday Rocks
  32. Happy Birthday Hoedown
  33. It’s Birthday Time
  34. Hip-Hop Happy Birthday