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Item Price: $15.95
Item Number: CP1008CD
By Carole Peterson. Music & Activities Kids Sing, Dance & Do. Miss Caroles music for singing and dancing will keep your kids off their seats. Circle dances, partner dances - even dancing with scarves and shakers - great for kids 2-7 years old. Bump-A-Deedle, Ach Ja, Dancing Scarf Blues, The Freeze and more.

Song Titles

1. Bump-A-Deedle
2. Dancing Feet
3. Shoo Fly
4. Sally Go Round The Sunshine
5. One Finger, One Thumb
8. Ach Ja!
7. Dancing Scarf Blues
8. Skip To My Lou
9. The Mulberry Bush
10. Jump Jim Joe
11. Put Your Little Foot
12. Singing In The Rain
13. T he Freeze!
14. The Shaker Hop
15. Somebodys Waiting For Me
16. Shoo Fly (animal version)
17. Bluebird, Bluebird
18. Hush Your Feet
19. Intro to Macaroni Soup Singers