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Original songs for dance class. Vocal and instrumental of each selection.

Turn loose the creative energies of two gifted musicians and dance to exciting musical arrangements. A varied and delightful album developed jointly by pianist-arranger Dennis Buck and Broadway's sensational drummer, Allen Herman.

21 instrumental selections for the intermediate to advanced ballet dancer. Classical works by Tchaikovsky, Delibes, Chopin, and more.

12 fully orchestrated selections for the classroom teacher, physical education teacher, the Special Education specialist, or dance instructor. Children will encounter a variety of musical selections and diversified tempos. KIM6070DL

Volume Two provides additional diversified tunes for sit-ups, wing stretchers, toe touch, squat thrust, crab walks, donkey kicks, and much more. All the selections are excellent for improvisation purposes. KIM6080DL

Item Price: $25.00

A unique collection of classical and original music without singing or vocal instructions. 75 min. with 35 unrepeated melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class. There are lots of familiar classical melodies from tangos to waltzes and beyond.

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