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Paperback or Hardcover:

By Ann Whitford Paul
Illustrated by Ethan Long

This follow-up to Manana Iguana and Fiesta Fiasco features the same four friends. When Iguana stubs her toe on a stone, she is unable to make a pan of her famous cactus-butter dulces (candies). Everyone has suggestions, but it is Culebra (snake) who finds the cure. He tells Tortuga (turtle) and Conejo (rabbit) to tie a rope to Iguana’s tale and attach “un rolling pin,” “dos kettles,” “tres skillets,” and so on, all the way up to “diez spoons.” As Iguana walks around, the resulting clatter soon causes her to forget about her injury, and the friends work together to make the sweets.

Includes Readalong CD and Book (available in both hardcover and paperback).