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Item Price: $16.00
Item Number: STA4020CD

Happy Fluffy Bounce, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Birdies In A Tree Top, Toy Piano Minuet, Funny Bunny, Playing Soldiers, The Gum Drop Tree, March of the Lollypops, Little Bo Peep, Little Grey Squirrel, Winkum Winkum, Hippity Hop and more.
Song Titles
1. Happy Fluffy Bounce
2. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
3. Birdies In A Tree Top
4. Toy Piano Minuet
5. Winkum Winkum Hippity Hop
6. Toy Town Coppers
7. Sunnin In The Summer Sun
8. Funny Bunny
9. Little Redskin
10. Sing A Song of Sixpence
11. Playing Soldiers
12. The Gum Drop Tree
13. March of the Lollypops
14. Miss Sunny Spain
15. The Dolls Ball
16. Little Bo Peep
17. Hey Diddle Diddle
18. Little Grey Squirrel
19. Fini (The End of the Party)