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It's hard not to move to Jim's songs with music from Broadway to square dance to jazz. Tromboning, Jump Up Turn Around, Backwards Day, Rhythm In My Fingers, Swing Your Partner, Crazy Shoes Theme, Hello, I Must be Going and more.

Ages 3-8

Song List

  1.  Hello, I Must Be Going
  2.  Swing Your Partner
  3.  Tromboning
  4.  Jump Up, Turn Around
  5.  Face The Facts
  6.  Jim Gill's Groove
  7.  California
  8.  Sliding, Rolling and Jumping
  9.  Rhythm in my fingers
10. Strollin' Down The Road
11. Delay On The Freeway
12. Drumming The House
13. Backwards Day
14. Family Goodbyes
15. Introduction to Crazy Shoes Theme
16. Crazy Shoes Theme