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Look out! Here comes the disco shark. We’re all dancin', swimmin’ surfin’, havin’ lots of fun you see! Dance and play while working on gross motor control, listening skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, spatial awareness, and more.

Authentic stories behind famous American Patriotic songs. Encourage elementary-age students to engage with history. Use this fun musical resource to enhance American History, Literature, Poetry, Classroom listening or group singing.

Travel Times Tunes CD Download
Item Price: $15.00

This collection of classic singable songs is full of wiggles, giggles and fun! There are camp songs, scout songs, school songs, family fun songs. Ideal for parties, story hours, and car, train and plane rides.

Playful and endearing songs encourage consideration for others, tolerance of differences, honesty, kindness, and love. Give children tools to express their feelings in a healthy way.

Two musical playlets: Pickles Means Pluto and Carnival in Space. Help teachers develop creative dramatics in their classrooms. The science fiction themes about outer space are an interesting way to reinforce science curriculum.