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Kimbo was founded in 1958 and is based in Long Branch, NJ. Kimbo Educational's award-winning line of over 450 CDs and several DVDs address children's needs for exercise, learning basic concepts and skills, and abundant opportunities to enjoy play and fun.

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Modern Square Dancing, Vol. 1
Item Price: $28.95

(Ages 8 & up) American Square Dancing is combined with qualities of traditional style. Recordings are based on a graded progression of skills. With and without calls.

On the Farm With RONNO
On the Farm with Ronno
Item Price: $15.95

RONNO's songs are always fun and factual! His unique musical style motivates children to learn about all kinds of farms, farm families, animals, work machines, cultivation, growing cycles, harvesting and more.

Children's Games

Take a parachute, add some folk dance steps & you've created an exciting new enthusiasm for enjoying parachute play! Do the Mushroom, Umbrella, Inside The Mountain & others to Irish Washerwoman, Seljancica, Mayim, Mayim & more!

Teddy Bear Tunes
Teddy Bear Tunes
Item Price: $15.95

Fun and music with a teddy bear! Activities featuring nosey bears, tickly bears, tiptoeing bears and more! Ages 1 - 4.

A Thriller for Kids CD
Item Price: $15.95

Ages 4 to 9
Warm-ups, stretches, jogging, a cool-down, plus easy-to-follow verbal cues. Features great music like Flashdance, Beat It and more. Guide.

Do It Yourself Kids' Circus
Do It Yourself Kids' Circus
Item Price: $15.95

Children can act out exciting circus activities and stage a fun event! There's a parade, balancing activities, animal walks and more. Use it for assembly programs, rainy days and parties.

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