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Kids Learn About Feelings and Emotions CD Download

Item Price: $15.00
Item Number: KIM8085CD

This social emotional Kimbo CD is designed to celebrate the various emotions we all share and explore healthy ways of expressing them. Through music and humor, children are offered an opportunity to air out feelings such as jealousy, anger, and fear.The playful and endearing songs encourage consideration for others, tolerance of differences, honesty, kindness, and love. Give children tools to express their feelings in a healthy way to set them on the path of becoming emotionally fluent adultsA PDF Guide with lyrics and song discussion suggestions is included with a full album purchase.

Song List (Visit KimboEdDownloads.com to listen to music samples)

1. Everybody Is Different (Tolerance)
2. Monsters Are Only Make Believe (Fear)
3. The Angry Song (Handling Anger)
4. Don't Make Fun of Me (Kindness)
5. Can We Be Friends (Friendship)
6. A Bad Day (Patience with Others)
7. Wee Small Voice (Honesty / Conscience)
8. A Family Song (Belonging)
9. Pass the Pickles (Self Control)
10. You Go to My School (School Pride)