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Item Price: $25.00
Item Number: BSM011CD

By Steven Mitchell
What a great idea! 43 unrepeated solo piano melodies and routines devoted completely to jumps for beginner through advanced dancers. Each track starts with a clear intro so the dancers know when to jump and when to land. Can be used for more than just jumps. Make your dancers more versatile.

Song List
1. Plie-Saute-Plie-Stretch, facing barre
2. Plie and a Jump and a Stretch
3. Intro. to Jete, facing barre
4. Intro. to Assemble
5. Intro. to Glissade, facing barre Friends Dance (Coppelia-Delibes)
6. Intro. To Chasse Slow Chasse to 5th
7. Chasse
8. Intro. To Sissone Le Corsaire (Drigo)
9. Petite Allegro combination Pegasus (Scott)
10. Petite Allegro combination Pegasus (Scott)
11. Glissade Combination Liberty Bell March (Sousa)
12. Polka Little Red Riding Hood (Sleeping Beauty-Tchaikovsky)

13. 32 Changement Was a Waltz in A Minor (Schubert)
14. Saute Combination
15. 4 Changement and 1 Pirouette Bayadere, Shades Var. (Minkus)
16. Petite Allegro Combination
17. Faille Assemble Men’s Var.- Le Corsaire (Drigo)
18. Petite Allegro I Girl’s Var.- The Flames of Paris(Asafiev)
19. Petite Allegro II
20. Sissone
21. Waltz Allegro Waltz - Don Quixote (Minkus)
22. Saute Chasse

23. 32 Changement Il Vespri Siciliani (Verdi)
24. 2 Changement in the Time of One Hornpipe
25. Petite Allegro I
26. Petite Allegro II Moment Musicaux in F minor (Schubert)
27. Petite Allegro III Peacherine Rag (Scott Joplan)
28. Petite Allegro IV
29. Petite Allegro V Vespri Siciliani (Verdi)
30. Quick Jetes coming front (quiet music)
31. Sissone I Coda from Giselle (Adam)
32. Sissone II
33. Polonaise Allegro
34. Waltz Allegro
35. Grand Allegro Verdicte (E. Strauss)
36. Men’s Saut de Basque Diana and Acteon (Drigo)
32. Men’s Manege Le Corsaire (Drigo)
38. Tour en L’air Men’s Var. from Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
39. Coda Allegro
40. Entrechat six (women) Giselle (Adam)
41. Entrechat Six (men) Aragonese Jota (Gottschalk)
42. 16 Changement and Releve Farinitza-Quadrille (E. Strauss)
43. Plie (cool down) with Six on 4