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Item Price: $25.00
Item Number: BSM12CD

By David Howard & Steven Mitchell

Pianist-composer Steven Mitchell and the legendary ballet teacher, David Howard, reunite to bring you this collection of familiar & classical music without singing or vocal instructions. There are 30 unrepeated piano melodies with many long enough for exercises on both sides of the Barre or several groups in the Center. This title is a “must-have” in any dance studio.

Song Titles:
1. Plie Pure Imagination
2. Tendu from 1st - Theme Polovtsian Dance
3. Tendu from 5th Ragtime
4. Tendu Quicker I’ll Be Seeing You
5. Balancoise I Love A Piano
6. Degage 1 w/ Rond de Jambe Theme from Piano Concerto No. 3
7. Degage 2 I’m Beginning To See the Light
8. Battement Ballonee Sidewalks of New York
9. Pas de Cheval Lady of Spain
10. Ronde de Jambe a terre Danny Boy
11. Frappe Paquita Variation
12. Fondu Developpe Swan Lake Act IV
13. Rond de Jambe en L’air with Petite Battement Waltz in B major
14. Adagio/Developpe Song of India
15. Stretch/Plie in 2nd Guitar Romance
16. Grand Battement and rise Don Quixote, Act III
17. Adagio Secret Love
18. Tendu Combination Blue Tango
19. Center Practice The Waltzing Trollop
20. Pirouette 1 Roses from the South
21. Pirouette 2 The Angst of Albrecht (tango)
22. Warm Up Jumps La Petit Fadette
23. Allegro 1 Riding On a Hand Car
24. Allegro 2 Brotherhood of Man
25. Grand Allegro Wine and Roses
26. Traveling Turns Fille ma Gardee
27. Ladies Step Aveu -Carnival
28. Men’s Step Etude in Bb
29. Changement 2 in time of 1, with releve Village Bells
30. Reverence We’ll Meet Again