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Item Number: EA120CD

By Hap Palmer
A dynamic new collection of songs by Hap Palmer. There is an instrumental version of every song. Free Download is available for the complete guide with lyrics, activities and photos at www.happalmer.com

Song List
1. We Have A Dream
2. Turkey Tale
3. Valentine’s Song
4. Halloween Hike
5. Happy Birthday U.S.A.
6. Nature’s Sweet Endless Song
7. Cinco de Mayo
8. Scamper
9. Food
10. Morning Time At The Zoo
- Birthday Medley 11, 12, 13, 14 -
11. Put Another Candle On Your Cake
12. Out The Candles Go
13. Celebrate The Day
14. Birthday Boogie
15. Zin Nian Kuai Le
16. Sheltering Evergreen Tree
17. Ki Va Moed
18. Witches’ Brew
19. Every Day’s A Special Day